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Sammic Pass Through Dishwashers

Made in Europe, Sammic washers have fully digital displays and controls for ease of use.

Designed and manufactured in Europe Sammic manufacture sleek, elegant washers. Fully digital display and controls allows easy use of the machine.  Sammic washers have internal chemical pumps and are medium to heavy duty machines.

Sammic washers come with 12 months parts and labour warranty.


Commercial Kitchen
Pass Through Dishwashers

Sammic Models

Underbench Dishwasher

Sammic X-50B-DD

Sammic X-50B-DD Underbench Dishwasher


Cycle time: 120 / 150 / 210 seconds

Dimensions (WxDxH): 600 x 630 x 835mm

multiphase power (1-phase or 3-phase)

Underbench Dishwasher

Sammic X-51PB-DD

Sammic X-51PB-DD Underbench Dishwasher


Cycle time: 120 / 180 / 210 seconds

Dimensions (WxDxH): 600 x 630 x 835mm

multiphase power (1-phase or 3-phase)

Worldwide CDM

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Underbench Dishwashers

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Underbench Dishwashers

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Pass Through Dishwashers

Sammic Models

Worldwide CDM

Our Commitments

Commercial Kitchen

All Our Sales Include:

  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty
  • Removal of old equipment
Commercial Kitchen

Worldwide CDM

  • 30+ Years in the Industry
  • Wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Excellent industry reputation
  • Carefully match customer requirement to correct brand/model
  • Happily service the machines after the warranty period
  • Always prepared to go above and beyond

Worldwide CDM have been supplying and servicing my business for the past 10 years

The service has been second to none. We purchased a commercial dishwasher from Robert 3 years and it has functioned faultlessly from day one.

I can highly recommend Robert and his team to anyone who is after courteous and professional service.

George Panaretos

Proprietor, Serigo Espresso, Sydney

After 30 years in the restaurant business I only work with companies that I can count on. If you are looking for reliability, service and realistic pricing, then look no further than Worldwide CDM.

Richard Nichols

Owner, Subsolo Restaurant, Sydney

I am the owner of Gloria Jeans Coffee Cherrybrook and have had my electrical equipment serviced by Worldwide CDM for the last 7 years. In that time, I have been extremely impressed with the customer service provided by Robert. He has always accommodated our store whenever a breakdown has occurred by giving us priority, thereby minimising equipment downtime.

In addition Robert also provides valuable technical advice on the ongoing cleaning maintenance schedule to ensure our equipment is cared for correctly.

I have no hesitation in recommending Worldwide CDM to any store that is looking for excellent customer service, good technical advice and value for money when it comes to service and repairs.

Glenn Forster

Owner Director, Gloria Jeans Coffee Cherrybrook


Frequent Questions


Who will install the new machine and remove the old one?

Worldwide CDM do the complete job from delivery,  installation and commissioning through to removal of old machine.


What happens if there is a warranty issue?

Worldwide CDM will arrange all warranty issues to be fixed on site by our licensed technicians.


I cant afford a new machine is their any payment plan or finance options available?

Yes Worldwide CDM often extend payment plans or finance to our customers, if they require it.


Will this machine be reliable?

Yes. This is our most asked question. Worldwide CDM only sell what we believe are the most reliable brands. After all, we will be the ones repairing the machine after the sale. We service most other brands of machine and we have extensive  experience in which brands break down the most, so you can feel comfortable knowing that we only offer brands which we believe are the best.


I have a machine that has completely failed is there any way to claim this as i have insurance?

Yes, Worldwide CDM sends out a fully licensed technician and if we deem the machine to be irreparable or dangerous to repair or a write-off, we can offer a full insurance statement.


Metropolitan Sydney, Australia